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Hair: Achieving Platinum Blonde / White Hair

NOTE: A lot of people find this blog through search engines while searching for "Why did my bleached hair turn yellow"? YOU NEED TO TONE YOUR HAIR. Read on....

I am going to post something that a lot of people have trouble finding: info on how to bleach your hair to white or platinum. It took me almost a year to find good information! So with my findings, I'd like to share my experience with you all! Please note, I am not a licensed beautician. I never went to school for hair, so what may work for me may not work for you. If you have experience in bleaching your hair, these tips will help you give your blonde that extra lightening that you want and reduce the yellowing. A lot of people think that buying a box of blonde hair dye at the drug store is going to make their hair blonde.. unless your hair is already a light shade of blonde, your hair will turn ORANGE if you attempt to use a box hair dye! You need to bleach your hair first, then tone it.. this is what this post is all about!

I am still experimenting with bleach and heat (yikes) so let me do the experimenting and hair melting all on my own!

First off.. you gotta grab your purse and go shopping. You can order online (I love getting packages!!) or shop in-store at Sally Beauty Supply ( after checking out their website and printing out my Wish List. Yeah.. you heard me.. WISH LIST. There is a cool feature on Sally Beauty's website which allows you to save items that you need in a nice tidy wish list. I will post mine here:

I suggest when you shop in the store, to request a Sally Card. It will cost you probably about 5 bucks or so, but in the end, it's worth it! Especially since you will be touching up your roots every few weeks!

I went from black to white platinum blonde, and it wasn't easy. You need to use a color remover like L'Oreal Effasol, to get rid of the hair dye first. You can't just put the bleach over your dyed hair. Here is a chart to help you with your lightening process:

Hair Bleach Stages

Yes, your hair will turn orange when you use the color remover. Yes, you will have to deal with orange hair for quite some time, but it's worth it in the end. I left the color remover on for an hour, and I went to a dark reddish color that went from bright orange at the roots, to dark red at the tips, a rainbow effect. This could have been minimized if I would have only applied the color remover to the tips of my hair first, but I was alone, impatient and tired! If you can get a friend to help you, that's great.. they can help you with your lightening process!

So, I am going to cheat and link you to a YouTube video made by a girl who has the perfect white blonde platinum hair and has been maintaining it for several years... and no, it's not Gwen Stefani. This fabulous Youtuber uses some of the same products that I do and her method of bleaching hair does work for me. Please check out her video.. your life may never be the same!

YouTube Tutorial : White / Platinum Hair

This video explains it all and the lovely creator of the blog will also help answer questions,too. The only thing I suggest toning your hair with (besides the Clairol Creme toner and the Shimmer Lights Shampoo) is try toning with a vegan-friendly toner called Special Effects Mixer / Toner. Here is some info about Special Effects: It is a semi-permanent conditioning cream formula that lasts 3-6 weeks, depending on hair type and how you care for it. The Special Effects dyes last longer on pre-lightened hair, the lighter your hair is, the more vibrant the colors will be.. and in this case, if you get your hair to that "inside of banana peel yellow" your hair will tone nicely with this product. I purchase my Special Effects hair colors on:

Amphigory Online Store

This store is the least expensive resource for this product, and I usually try to get two bottles per order because that Mixer/Toner is so good that it sells out a lot. I use this toner to touch up the blonde when it starts turning yellow again. I also use it after I bleach my hair. I rinse out my bleach real good, shampoo it, and pat dry (no conditioner). I take a tinting brush and squeeze the Special Effects toner right onto the brush. I dab it on the roots first, then work my way to the ends of my hair. You can already see the yellow starting to "disappear" as you work the toner into your hair. The scary thing about the toner is that it may turn your hair purple. I touched up my roots and I left the toner on too long (20 min).. I should have waited only about 10 min (no heat) because my hair was pretty purple when I got out of the shower. I had to step right back in the shower and shampoo gently to get the purple out. It was SLIGHTLY still there, but when my hair dries, the purple goes away. So, today, I work up and my hair was pretty white.. I was impressed. =)

To maintain my hair, I use the Shimmer Lights shampoo here and there.. maybe every other week. It's a long process, and sometimes I have to bleach my roots twice because I didn't process them enough (like last night.. I think I took it off 20 min too early) Anyway.. have fun experimenting, I've never found a salon that will bleach hair to white, so you may want to try it on your own and start out with streaks first. Start with streaks in the front and work your way to the back, taking more chunks of hair as you go. It took me a year just to get the first half of my hair white, soooo.. it's something you really gotta think about. Good luck. happy bleaching!

Bleached my hair platinum blonde from black

This is my hair at its whitest stage. I had black hair before, as mentioned above. It took a really long time to actually get my hair white, and it takes a lot of patience. It doesn't happen overnight. It doesn't happen in a week, either. Just for my own reference, I finally perfected the timing and development of my roots. It takes 70 minutes to bleach my roots, with Kaliedecolors, and 30 vol. developer. I used a heat bonnet for about 5 minutes. My scalp did have a little red spot on it (maybe heat for less time?)

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